Join us at noon on Monday to show you care about the integrity of the school and respect faculty



We met with administration Thursday and Friday March 30/31.  Not much has changed since the last membership meeting on Monday.  We will meet again on April 3rd and expect to have another extension.

To post suggestions and or comments on the website, email Questions for negotiation team are invited on this blog as well.

When classes start tomorrow the Negotiation Team encourages you to wear your buttons “Respect Faculty”  to demonstrate solidarity.  Since students will  inquire the meaning of the button we will be reaching out to them when classes start.  At the beginning of next week faculty and students will be passig out flyers, buttons and stickers on the sidewalk at 1622, 1610, 1530 and 2300 explaining how important faculty are to their education.  If you would like to help members pass out this information please contact Brian Dickerson, Chairperson of the Contract Action Committee at or Phil Drucker at or Craig Dovidio at   We NEED YOUR help.